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NAME: Benjamin Roberts

A.K.A :  Benny -Pastor Benny

Full time Christian ministry calling: Missionary -Apostolic Pastor, Bible teacher, Evangelist.

Ordained as a pastor/teacher on 1 November 1998  

Ministry strengths: leadership, church/missions structure, planning and organizing, discipline, charismatic communicator (motivational speaker)




Previous responsibilities and experiences 

 31 January 1999 -...

Start Full time ministry with David Bliss (American missionary) at the Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington. Recommended by Operation Mobilization (Theo Dennis)

Start prison ministry 5 days per week  - Hawequa (boys under 21), Paardeberg (Maximum),Allandale (Juvenile and under-aged boys with gruesome and serious crimes), Drakenstein (Maximum- 20 year to life sentences), Malmesburywomen prison section)

During this time with their day to day Bible teaching and evangelism God added dozens of prisoners to His Kingdom through their outreaches to prisons. 

This lasted for about two years. During and after this time he did counseling and community outreach as an independent pastor in Wellington

At the Andrew Murray Centre he became director of associated staff and training and was responsible to recruit new co-workers, put strategies in place, organize, do all round administration.He managed short term outreaches, life direction camps for youth and supervise Christian workers who came to stay at the Andrew Murray Centre. He was coordinator and facilitator of outreach programs and hosted local and international (U.S,Sweden, Holland, Germany etc.) Christian workers who had an interest in missions.

During this time he attended missions conferences to get a better understanding of world mission. One of these conferences was Bless the nations 1 and 2

In 2001 he became a volunteer at Radio K.C, a newly formed community radio station. The station then only did their broadcasting for short periods and applied for a permanent license. He did presenter and producer training over a period and joined the team on a permanent basis. After the station got their permanent license, he started as human resource manager and became programs manager for over a year period.The station manager was Franklin Huizies, who later moved to become the C.E.O of N.C.R.F (the national community radio forum)

 .A.C.M (Active Christian Missions Ministry) was the first congregation Pastor Benny started in 1998. It was not a denominational Church but a Youth Missions Organization.


During this time he had the most popular radio show up and became a household name in Paarl, Wellington, Porterville and the greater Boland areas. He was also well known in Cape Town because of the reception area.He was on air 19 hours per week, presenting the Breakfast Show (6 -9), Wakey Wakey and the famous four hour spiritual vibrant cosmopolitan spiritual vibrant magazine program, Divine Moments,Sunday 9 am - 1 pm. It was the hit of the radio station.

He was still single and during prison ministry met his other half, Geraldine, a very quiet Christian young woman who had a passion for seeking holiness. He later took her to cape Town to live with some friends and they started a ministry called J.A.M.M (Jesus Active Missions Ministry)with the focus youth. They went to evangelise and win souls in four primary schools and two High Schools over an 18 month period with a brother, Ryan Dowman. Those days they would have up to half of a class of 30 to 45 learners accepting Christ. They went to schools in Factreton, a poorer part of, Cape Town where he grew up. When they spoke to a Principal at a primary school and were shocked to hear about stories of lesbianism in girls under 15 year old. Sex in the toilets.In the same school they heard about boys being involved in serious gangsterism. At another school children could not afford toothbrushes. At another primary school they heard about children being used by gangsters, rape, poverty etc. During this period they had no support from churches but continued to do ministry as lead by the spirit of God. It was dry and painful years.

Pastor Benny Roberts were ordained as pastor/Bible teacher in Cape Town on 1 November 1998 . His late mother, Elisabeth Roberts, is with him (with the hat)


They got married and by Gods grace some Christians and his family came together to help them with the planning and the celebration. They married in the Baptist Church and the celebration was at the Docks Mission Church on 7 April 2001. They had a weekend honeymoon and were back onto the outreach fields worked in three large squatter camps in Wellington, Paarl and a smaller one in Kensington. Their ministry during these years took them to Mbkweni near Wellington, Tulbach, Porterville,Saron, Gouda,Schools in Maitland and Kraaifontein. They invited various born again denominations and missions organizations to work with them in schools and informal settlements. These established churches and missions organizations came and got excited but never helped them financially or adopted them with their vision to evangelize and do outreach for the Kingdom.He preferred to go as lead by the spirit and not join any group just for the sake of comfort. He went as he was lead by his spirit and that came with a price to pay at the time and it got harder as the years passed. Hid passion for radio (He was a deejay for 13 years) took him back to Paarl when they got their permanent license.Because they had no money and no place to stay, he took Geraldine to stay for some time with his sister in Northpine.She was pregnant and he went to Paarl to join the new radio crew of Radio K.C. The only place for him was in the radio studio with blankets and a pillow given by some colleagues. The technical managers mother arranged for him a plate of food at night and over weekends. He would at the time do anything just to get deeper into bringing the gospel through the radio. Creativity is one of his strengths.

During this times he occasionally would get his wife and sleepover at some of the new people he met but is was always a case of discomfort. They eventually ended up in Newton, in Wellington, it was the third time they moved. To this day November 2010 they moved 16 times, the last move was the last day of September 2010. They moved 16 times in nine years of marriage. They again for the second time went tothe Andrew Murray Centre while also being on the radio. This time he was married and they both worked with David Bliss. They were the house father and housemother for a year but due to differences they moved on to Cape Town. They were without money and without a place to stay again. His mother who moved to stay with his sister helped them by providing a place and food for a short period.  - 

First seek the Kingdom of God ...Pastor Benny Roberts met his soul mate, Geraldine while doing outreach at The Andrew Murray Centre, they were co workers in prison ministry then then and married two years later.







The Andrew Murray Centre for Missions, Revival and Prayer was established to continue the vision of the late Rev. Andrew Murray by training and equipting Christians to effectively minister to the needs of those in our communities and throughout the world.

Be part of what we are doing for the Kingdom:There is a need for prison aftercare. These boys and mature men are excited about the WORD when they are inside but after 13 years of prison ministry we realize that when they leave the prisons, they are challenged because they need extra support and care; We are praying about planting a church that will meet this need. We are also praying that this community of believers will be ready for a Great Commission Church. A church with a heart for world evangelism. Please pray for us and you are welcome to come and spend time in prayer with us - Pastor Benny and Geraldine Roberts


Whats happening in Wellington?

The Samuel building initially provided accommodation for the Missionary Institute where the first missionaries were trained in South Africa. The residence was officially opened on 1 October 1877. The driving force behind the erection of the building was Dr Andrew Murray. Bible verses in Dutch have been inscribed on the sides of the building. The residence was named after the Bible’s Samuel whose mother Hanna prayed for him from the Lord.

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